Is Pseudocode really helpful for Programming ?

Oleh palak231 0 0 pada Kamis, 22 Sep. 2022, 18:29:04

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Hi this is Palak Sharma
I am in third year of my Computer Science and Engineering. I have found this community while researching over programming languages over the internet.
I just see this community and I observed that there are lots of things to learn. Things are well categorized and  I think I can also get much knowledge about various field.
Well I have taken a project for developing web application and for this I am learning from different platform. In my college also I am learning lots of programming languages. Python is one of my favorite programming language. I am learning almost all required aspect which are necessary in development of Web apps. One of my friend suggest me I also need to learn about Pseudocode because it will also help me to write required program for making any app. And he also told me for any kind of programming languages Pseudocode will help me to make a rough idea as well as make rough algorithm.
I am fully confused now about what to do now. Should I learn about Pseudocode ? Does it really help to write any Program ?
Hoping for some positive responses, would be a great support.
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